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R.S CHEM is leading company in inorganic chemistry with “developed
potassium silicate, sodium silicate technology” to be based on the basic
The basic chemistry is very important element in high-tech industrial
environment in 21 century.
According to this, we are trying to focus on producing high quality and
class product.
A high?tech company with advanced tech and challenging split, we are
participating in new material application business area. And also, trying
to develop new markets in China, Japan and worldwide.
R.S CHEM is based on precise tech and confidence; trying to develop
the world best product always.
We’ll do our best to give you full satisfaction.
Thank you.

R.S.CHEM 경기 화성시 봉담읍 유리 272 Korea TEL : 031-298-2583 FAX : 031-298-2584 E-mail :